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The easy way of flying private jet


I was asked by a potential new client how Wingman AirCharter was different from NetJets and others like them?

First of all Wingman AirCharter is a broker and we have no aircraft our self but source the best aircraft for our clients from case to case. No matter where in the world our clients are and where they want to go Wingman AirCharter will find a selection of the best aircraft and present them. We have access to more than 3.500 aircraft worldwide an more than 10 years of experience from the private jet industry.



NO CAPITAL INVESTMENT, unlike other business models that require you to purchase a fraction of an aircraft, own an aircraft or a part of the fleet with the risk of depreciating the assets, the Wingman AirCharter model allows you to only pay for the actual flight – no hidden cost or risk.

NO PREPAYED JET CARD OR FIXED FLIGHT HOUR PROGRAM, to keep our business model transparent and easy to access we do not offer any Jet Card programmes or fixed flight-hour programmes. We know that our clients will get the best product each time by sourcing and presenting a selection of the best-positioned aircraft that meets the request from the client where no huge capital investment is needed.



24/7 AVAILABILITY AND SHORT RESPONSE TIME, for some clients it is important to have instant access to a person who can help them find an aircraft urgently. With Wingman AirCharter you will get your own personal wingman who will assist you and make sure you get the best aircraft solution in due time.

PAYING FOR YOUR PRIVATE CHARTER, it is essential that we receive payment up front for any flight we perform for our clients. This can be done by traditional bank transfer or by Credit Card payment. As something new we also offer payment in Bitcoin. Wingman AirCharter is one of few in the industry who offers this and the very first in Denmark!



Bitcoin payment is fast, safe, flexible and not subject to bank opening hours. That is very important in a market where many charter flights are booked on very short notice or on weekends and on bank holidays where the banks are closed.

We are looking forward to helping you at any time with your next private jet charter request!

Thomas Dessau, CEO and Founder of Wingman Aircharter