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Citation Sovereign – the ideal choice…

Citation Sovereign – the ideal choice…

If you are looking for a private jet with a spacey cabin with a double-club seating arrangement, a long range and an aircraft that is able to land at short runways, you should have a closer look at the super-midsize range Citation Sovereign!


The Citation Sovereign represents a new dimension in terms of comfort for charter business flights. This roomy aircraft even has space for a flight attendant who looks after the guests on board. Despite its size, it has a range of up to 2.800 nm (5.000 km) and a max speed of 450 kts (830 Km/h). This jet has a class-leading short runway requirement so it can land and takeoff from smaller airfields which opens up a lot of opportunities for you to get even closer to your final destination.

The cabin

The cabin is more than 24 feet in length (7,3 m) and provides enough space for the ever-popular double-club seating and a full refreshment center. It comes in an 8 and 9 passenger configuration. The cabin height is 5,7 feet (1,74 m) which is classified as a stand-up cabin. Aft of the cabin is a lavatory. In addition, its 100 cubic feet of baggage capacity is perfect for 6 standard-sized golf bags or suitcases for all passengers.


The range

The Citation Sovereign has a very good range of up to 2.800 nm (5.000 km) and an endurance of out to 7 hours airborne so you can fly direct from Copenhagen to Dubai or from New York to Dublin.



The Citation Sovereign offers the most generous sense of space and the longest range in relation to the price per flying hour. No other super-midsize jet is more comfortable or cost-effective to fly with for medium-haul destinations. It is also suitable for smaller regional airfields.

If you would like to hear more about the Citation Sovereign or get a quote for your next private jet flight please contact me via LinkedIn on email: or by phone: +45 27123408

Your Wingman, Thomas Dessau