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Wingman AirCharter is dedicated to addressing aviation’s primary environmental challenge: carbon emissions.

Although we cannot expedite the adoption of Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) or the emergence of battery-powered aircraft, we ensure that carbon emissions from flights booked through us are sustainably offset. In partnership with SCB Group, a leader in environmental management and sustainability consulting, we support impactful projects, including renewable energy initiatives like the selected Hydropower Project.

All flights booked with Wingman AirCharter are automatically carbon compensated, reflecting our commitment to mitigating climate impact.

About the Hydropower Project we support

Vietnam, particularly in the north, has faced a significant electricity shortfall due to a sharp rise in demand and insufficient supply. This shortage hinders economic growth and affects the daily lives of residents. To counter this, Vietnam has invested heavily in hydropower, a key renewable energy source that harnesses the country's abundant water resources.

The Tra Linh III Hydropower project, situated on the Tranh River in Quang Nam province, northeast Vietnam, is at the forefront of these efforts. By generating renewable electricity and supplying it directly to Vietnam's National Power Grid through a partnership with the Electricity Corporation of Vietnam (EVN), the project plays a crucial role in stabilizing the national grid and reducing the risk of collapse due to overload.

Furthermore, this initiative contributes substantially to sustainable development by providing a renewable power source that displaces electricity traditionally generated from fossil fuels. Over its first seven-year crediting period, the Tra Linh III project is projected to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by approximately 105,581 tCO2e, supporting both regional and national goals for sustainable growth and improved living standards.


Clean Development Mechanism (CDM)

The Clean Development Mechanism (CDM), under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), is a key regulatory framework that allows developed countries to meet part of their emission reduction targets under the Kyoto Protocol by investing in emission reduction projects in developing nations. This mechanism not only promotes sustainable development but also enables more cost-effective emission reductions compared to similar efforts in higher-income countries, due to factors like lower labor costs and energy efficiencies in developing nations.



At the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Summit in 2015, world leaders adopted the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). These global goals aim to address inequalities and challenges all across the planet whilst aiding development and protecting the environment. Meeting the target date of 2030 will require the work and co-operation of all these governments and the UN along with businesses and members of the public.

This project will support the following UN goals:

Affordalbe and clean energy

Ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all and investing in and increasing energy efficiency and the proportion renewable energy contributes to the global energy supply.

Decent work and economic groth

Promote sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth (endeavouring to decouple growth and environmental degradation), full and productive employment and decent work for all.

Climate action

Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts, increasing every countries resilience and ability to adapt to climate change, improving education and awareness and implementing national measures against climate change and the commitments made to the UN FCCC in assisting developing countries mitigate and adapt.

"Working with SCB Group is like having extra team members working directly for us. They are dedicated, professional and deliver on time with a practical approach that is first-rate"

Thomas Dessau, Wingman AirCharter

No miracle cure yet

We know there is no miracle cure that makes aviation a sustainable form of transport, but Wingman AirCharter wishes to contribute to reducing the global CO2 emissions!

When you book your flight through Wingman AirCharter, we make sure that the fuel your aircraft uses and the amount of CO2 it emits to fly you will be C02 offset through our collaboration with the India Solar Power project.


Additional benefits

It sounds like a success story and it is. The project also helps to support the local population creating jobs with during the construction and operation of the project.

The project also helps reduce power demand-supply gap in the region.

Finally, it also helps pave the way for other similar projects in the area.



Feel free to contact us by phone or email if you have any questions about our Carbon Offset program or you would like to request a flight with us.

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